To provide for the registration of professional housing managers and the disciplinary control of their professional activities and related matters, the Housing Managers Registration Ordinance was enacted on 26 November 1999.
In order to perform the functions specified in the Ordinance, the Housing Managers Registration Board was established with effect from 1 April 2000.

Chairman's message

Dr Chow Chun Ling

It is my great honour to have been elected as the Chairman of the Housing Managers Registration Board.

The Housing Managers Registration Board is a statutory body established under the Housing Managers Registration Ordinance (Cap. 550) with an aim to set, review and publish for general information on the qualification standards for registration as a registered professional housing manager and related registration matters. Over the past 23 years, the Board has been providing a well-established platform for the registration of professional housing managers and handling of disciplinary offences in accordance with the Ordinance.

The Housing Management industry has recently turned to a new page with the introduction of the mandatory licensing scheme. Nowadays, it is well recognized by the society that housing management requires professional services of multi-disciplines, and that high standards in professional housing service standard are vital for ensuring building safety, health and hygiene in living environments.

This growing awareness of Housing Management to the importance of society is attributed to the unfailing effort of all professional housing managers in Hong Kong for their exemplary professional conduct and competence in the past decades.  I would also like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to our former Chairman and Board members for their contributions in upholding the highest professional standards among members of the Housing Managers Registration Board.

As the Chairman, I pledge to work diligently with all Board members to promote the sustainable and continuous development of professional housing management in Hong Kong.

Chow Chun Ling, Kenny
Housing Managers Registration Board