I consider it a great honour to be elected Chairman of the Housing Managers Registration Board, which is a statutory body created under the Housing Managers Registration Ordinance (Chapter 550) for the registration and regulation of the professional conduct and practices of professional Housing Managers. As a new Chairman, I wish to pay tribute to all the past Chairmen (including Chairladies of course) for their tremendous contributions to making the Board a robust one, thereby taking a gigantic step forward in the advancement of the status of Housing Managers to an unprecedented level. I hope to be able to follow their footsteps in this direction.

Over the past 19 years, the Board has succeeded in maintaining a high professional standard among all Registered Housing Managers through a series of well guarded regulations and investigations and has upheld the distinct status of the professional Housing Managers in the diverse field of property management, among other similar professionals like surveyors, facilities managers and engineers. We march along with other property management professionals in the light of the Property Management Services Ordinance and we welcome other professional streams to register as Housing Managers.

Housing matters are always a hot topic for the Hong Kong community, whether they be house price or land shortage or house shortage. Housing professionals especially Housing Managers are therefore in a vantage point to safeguard the precious value of land, property and our living environment, thereby doing a meaningful job for the community.

With the launching of a mandatory licensing scheme under the Property Management Services Ordinance, there are new challenges ahead for us and we have to prepare for these changes in the coming future. I therefore wish to take this opportunity to appeal to members for their suggestions in how to enhance and broaden the future of Housing Managers.

Lee Chun Lai, Andrew
Housing Managers Registration Board