The Housing Managers Registration Board (the Board) was established in Hong Kong on 1st April 2000 under the Housing Managers Registration Ordinance No. 72 of 1999 (the Ordinance.).

It is the statutory body in Hong Kong responsible for registration of professional housing managers, the disciplinary control of the professional activities of registered professional housing managers and for related matters.

The constitution of the Board consists of a Chairman, a Vice-Chairman and not more than 14 members.

The Board shall

  1. establish and maintain a register of registered professional housing managers;
  2. set, review and publish for general information the qualification standards for registration as a registered professional housing manager and related registration matters;
  3. advise the Government and the Hong Kong Institute of Housing (the Institute) on registration matters;
  4. examine and verify the qualifications of persons who apply for registration as registered professional housing managers;
  5. receive, examine, accept or reject applications for registration and renewal of registration as a registered professional housing manager;
  6. deal with disciplinary offences in accordance with the Ordinance;
  7. keep proper records of its proceedings and accounts; and
  8. carry out such other functions as the Ordinance may provide.