Cap 550Long titleCap 550s 16Registration committee
Cap 550s 1Short titleCap 550s 17Certificate of registration
Cap 550s 2InterprelationCap 550s 18Notice to the Board on leaving Hong Kong
Cap 550s 3Constitution of the BoardCap 550s 19Removal of name from the register
Cap 550s 4Tenure of officeCap 550s 20Disciplinary offences
Cap 550s 5ChairmanCap 550s 21Inquiry committee and rules of conduct
Cap 550s 6ProceedingsCap 550s 22Legal adviser
Cap 550s 7Functions of the BoardCap 550s 23Disciplinary order of inquiry commitee
Cap 550s 8Powers of the BoardCap 550s 24Powers in regard to obtaining of evidence and conduct at inquiry
Cap 550s 9No fees payable to Board membersCap 550s 25Review of disciplinary orders
Cap 550s 10Appointment and duties of RegistrarCap 550s 26Service of orders of inquiry committee
Cap 550s 11Form of registerCap 550s 27Publication of disciplinary orders
Cap 550s 12Qualifications for registrationCap 550s 28Appeal to Court of Appeal
Cap 550s 13Application for registrationCap 550s 29Use of title
Cap 550s 14Acceptance or rejection of registrationCap 550s 30Offences and penalities
Cap 550s 15Expiry of registration and renewalCap 550s 31Certificate as evidence